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This homepage is dedicated to Ryo Aska and to all people who love his music. As you can see, the homepage is still under construction. If you have any suggestions, materials relating to Aska or simply want to talk about him, please contact me or leave a comment!



What’s New with Ryo

Three songs in the album “Not at all” were translated.

Please look at the collection of telephone cards released by Chage and Aska.

Please look at some of the promotion CDs and singles released by Chage and Aska.

Ryo Biography has been updated too!

ASKA will release a new single “Kokoro ni hana no saku katae” on 17 Dec 2003. His solo concert video “Good Time” will be released in DVD format on 28 January 2004.

CHAGE and ASKA’s new single “Dera Shera Moo” was released on 10 September 2003.

CHAGE and ASKA will hold a live concert in Sapporo Dome in Hokkaido entitled “COUNT DOWN LIVE 03>>04″ on 31 December 2003.

A new video in DVD and VHS format entitled “Chage and Aska Tour The Live” featuring the latest Chage and Aska concert tour, was published on 6 August 2003.

Chage and Aska published a new video collection album on 12 March 2003 entitled “Music on Films”. The album contains video clips of their latest singles.

Chage and Aska published a new album on 20 November 2002 entitled “Stamp”. The album contains re-recorded version of their old songs.

Chage and Aska released the “Not At All” concert video in DVD and VHS format on 24 April 2002.

The gallery page is live!


Music and Its Impact on the Youth

A small text about music and why I created this website. Music is an essential part in the life of a young individual. It somehow shows what kind of person you are in today’s society. For example, individuals who prefer to listen to hip-hop music are mostly associated to people who love the night life and like to be in parties and social gatherings. People who prefer to listen to love songs are associated to people who are romantic, emotional and probably who are in-love at this point. Another example of which, are persons who prefer to listen to the popular genre of music in this generation, Emo punk, whom are associated to people who are heart-broken and has a jaded view of life. We can go on and on with other types of music. Music somehow affects the social life of a young individual and even up to the aspect of fashion. Each musical genre has its own corresponding fashion. Baggy pants, loose clothing, and lots of “bling-bling” are for hip-hop. Carrot cut pants, black-colored fitting clothes and the application of eyeliners are for emo punk. Tight clothing, long hair and the rugged looks are for rock. Other musical genres have also their own corresponding fashion and the list just goes on and on. With this, I can therefore say that music is really influential and its effect to the youth is very evident. Music affects not only fashion, but it also affects one’s lifestyle.

Today, the emergence of different musical artists makes the musical industry become more competitive, and it adds more flavor and more variety for the listeners around the world. This encourages musical artists to exert more effort in making songs and making a mark into the music industry and in the hearts of the youth worldwide. This is the beauty of music. You can pick the type of song depending on your mood. If you want to be alone and just ponder after a break-up from a long-term relationship, you listen to love songs. If you want to party and just dance like crazy, you listen to hip-hop. If you want to relax and just chill out, you listen to smooth rhythm and blues (RnB). If you want to reminisce over the past, then you listen to classics. The alternatives that music offers are so wide, which makes it such a beautiful form of art and an effective form of therapy. Through music, one can channel his or her own emotions and just be taken away by the lyrics of the song. Music is a form of expression. With regards to the youth, expressing emotions is a bit difficult because many changes are occurring to them whether it is physical or psychological in nature. Therefore, music helps the youth express their emotions. It is somehow a form of self expression. The type of music a young individual listens to describe what type of a person he or she is and what type of fashion, he or she likes. Music makes the life of a teenager become much more fun and much more exciting, that is, every new hit that plays on the radio of their favorite artists must be downloaded on their computers and MP3s as soon as possible so that they can be updated with the freshest hits and music chart toppers and at the same time, not be left behind by their friends. Every new hit that comes out will definitely be heard in the clubs, in the streets and in every corner of the society  because that is how influential music is to the youth.

For the youth, music is a lifestyle. It adds spice and adrenaline into their everyday life. Music is with them, wherever they go. It goes with them when they meet with their friends. It goes with them when they go to malls. It even goes with them when they go to school. Music makes the youth pumped up. It might sound crazy but it is true. Social gatherings without music would be so boring. It would be like eating cake without icing on it. Music, in a way spices up life and makes life much more fun. .

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I love Ryo Aska music, this site is for fans like me!